Happy Tails!

James Bubbles, our parking lot puppy, got adopted!
He will grow up with three other little boys that he can play and romp around with.
We couldn't have asked for a better family for our little peanut!

Merlin (now Bob) got himself a new family!
What was only supposed to be a short stop for him, a place to decompress and relax from the shelter life evolved into love and forever.
He now has an awesome mom and dad and is part of a large pack. One of his fur brothers is Elmer, also an ex inmate from Downey.

Nathan, our blind Lhasa Apso was adopted by his foster family.

We couldn't be happier!

Brothers Johnny and Sprout were adopted together!

They are best buddies and we couldn't be happier that they can stay together with their amazing new family!

Marianna has her own girl and they are both in love!

Happy and joyfilled life!

Meridian, now Millar got adopted by a wonderful family.
He has a big fur sister that he loves to boss around and a mom and dad that love to spoil him.
Happy life, sweet boy!

Our adorable little mama Daffodil found her fur-ever home!
She will be spoiled!

Jake formerly Batboy is in his forever home!
There was a family celebration/welcome party for him and everyone fell in love with him.
He is going to be doted on by a retired couple with lots of time and love to give.


Lasaro (formerly known as Brambles) didn't waste any time to find himself a new family. His foster's sister fell in love with him immediately and today she officially adopted him!

Elmer is finally home! He will have a fabulous life with his new parents and many fur siblings!

Our sweet Goldie found her perfect forever home!
She will live in the mountains with her wonderful new parents and several fur siblings.
We couldn't have wished for a better family for her!

Baby Girl was scared to death at the shelter. But not anymore. She has a wonderful forever home where she gets all the toys and food and love she so greatly deserves.

Beau, formerly known as Bart, found his fur-ever family! He has a big sister to play with and a mom and dad that just adore him!

Chico has a wonderful new family with two little boys and a dad and a mom that love to spoil him.

Leila found her forever family.

She has a mom and dad that will spoil her and two legged siblings that love to play with her!

Angela decided that she doesn't want to live without Jet (aka Cole) and that he will have a forever home with her and Foxy!

Happy, our silly little firecracker has her own little girl, a big yard and a family that just adores her.
We could not be happier!

Houdini and Princess are finally home with their new dad in the Netherlands!
We couldn't be happier to see them so carefree and content in their forever home!

So happy for Kasha! She found her forever home!
It was love at first sight.
Have an awesome life, little girl!

Two of our little seniors got adopted together!
Happy life, Angelita and Cutie Pie

Our sweet Amelie finally found her perfect forever family!
She is the only dog and so happy to be the center of attention! She is already spoiled rotten.
Happy and joy-filled life, Amelie! You deserve only the best!!

Lttle senior Bambi got herself a new family. While friends were visiting her fabulous foster, Bambi decided that they are the ones for her and she adopted them!
Happy life, Yassie, Theo and Bambi!

She once was a hoarder dog that came to the Downey high kill shelter with her 50 siblings.
Now her name is Foxy Brown and she accompanies her new mom who is a movie producer to work every day and to Sunday brunches by the beach.
From hoarder to high life! What a happy ending!

Willow found her forever family.

Happy life, sweet girl!

Little Paloma is now a spoiled and much loved lapdog in Germany!


Heathcliff is now Mr. Bojangles! He was a foster failure and now lives with his (ever growing)forever family in Washington!

Tiny Taco, one of our three Chihuahua puppies, is now Sebastian!
He went to his new family and is doing splendid.
Congratulations to all!!

Little Charlotte found her forever home.

What a great match!

Rene got adopted by a wonderful young lady!
Happy life and congratulations!

Our little Chloe found her forever family!
She will be spoiled with home made meals and lots of cuddles!
Happy life, Chloe!

From terrified at Downey shelter to loved beyond words in Maple Ridge, BC.
Little Gracie is home!

Cookie, the shy Chihuahua that was rejected by her original adopter because of a mild URI, found her forever home!
Happy life, sweet girl!

From being left to die in a cardboard box in the desert to being adopted together and enjoying life... and long naps.
Scarlet and Rose are home!

Our beautiful, former high kill shelter inmate Natalie found her forever home.
Happy life, little girl

Adopted together!! Sisters Mocha and Cappuccino!
We are over the moon and did a little happy dance that these sweet girls can stay together!!

Melody has a new mom!
Happy life, sweet girl!

Esme found her forever family where she will be spoiled and pampered not by just one but three new moms!!

Bella found her forever family in Germany.
Happy life, Bella! We miss you but we know you will be loved and spoiled rotten.

Beautiful Marshall found his forever family. He will live right by the ocean and enjoy long walks on the beach every day.

Sweet little Annie got adopted. Her new mom adores her and her Chihuahua sibling loves to run and play just like she does.
Happy life, Annie!

A good samaritan picked up Charlie from the streets of LA where she was living as a stray in an alley, searching for food in trash cans.
We had her vetted and spayed and after months in foster care she finally found her forever home on a little ranch where she can run and play the whole day long.

Sweet Minnie found her forever family! 

Little Kona found a large and loving forever family! 
And she is clearly in love with her new daddy!
Happy life, sweet girl!

Sweet, silly Lilly, rescued from SEAACA shelter, got adopted by a wonderful, loving couple!

Our little Emily, rescued from a hoarder case, found her new family.

Beautiful Peanut, rescued from San Bernardino shelter where he was discarded by his previous owner, got his Christmas miracle.
He found his forever family in Germany. His new mom is in love with him and the feeling is mutual.

Candy, rescued from SEAACA shelter, and Sunnny, an owner surrender to our rescue, became best friends at their foster home.
When Candy's new mom came to pick her up she saw how sad Sunny was because she was going to be left behind. 
So she decided where there is room for one you can as well fit in two and she adopted both.
Happy life, Sunny and Candy!

Kaylee found her forever home with a retired couple with a lot of time and love to give.
It's a perfect fit for all.

Our beautiful Clara got adopted.
It was love at first sight, she adores her new dad.

Anuk's new daddy came all the way from Germany to pick her up and take her home to her forever family.
Happy travels, Anuk, have a wonderful life!

After two years in foster care our sweet senior Sissy finally found her forever human.

She is loved very much!

Cuddle bug Amadeus will be the center of his new mom's universe.

Lilly made it safely to Germany and into the arms of her new mom. 
Thank you for adding this sweet girl to your family, Sylvia!

Lucy  found her forever home! 
She accompanies her family everywhere, goes to the beach and park and sleeps in their bed. They love the bossy, sassy senior! 
Happy life, Lucy!

We are so happy that sisters Sophia and Summer were adopted together!
Happy life, sweet girls!

Sweet Taffy found a wonderful forever home!

Congratulation to the whole family!

Adorable, quirky little Emma found a wonderful forever family. It was love at first sight.

Katrina with her new mom in Germany,
Another unwanted Chihuahua, from SEAACA high kill shelter to forever home.

Frida found her forever loving home with Bärbel in Germany!
A match made in heaven!

Llittle Gremlin now has Chihuahua sister and even her own girl.

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